Natural morphology is always the inspiration for designers. From shape of creatures, distributing order of cell proliferation, concept of biological species in families and morphogenesis, nourishes the design methodology to generate artifacts. 

In order to achieve the beautiful curvature of Generative Morphology, Digital Fabrication is the key process of whole procedure. It is an integrated workflow of complex modeling on how to translate information from abstract matter to concrete matter. It specifically focusses on simulating physics material in virtual world in order to improve the speed of prototyping cycle from each failure.

In the aid of computation in design phase, the simulation and analysis are instant, responsive feedback for designers to validate the concept of design space, and also closing the gap between virtual visualization and real materialization.


I gained the sense of form finding  by going through entire work flow, from very simple curve, mesh to complicated 3d model.


These prototypes are the exercise of work flow. The interesting part is that you create a simple unit at the beginning, and it ends up a complex 3d model. On the other way run, you can predict how the model will grow at the end, and decide the initial curve. 


Before 1:1 SMPavilion, we tried out three prototypes as a final check in terms of assembly joint and appropriate material. 


Finally, we, group of six people, together built up this 1: 1 pavilion within 20 hours.


Assembly time : 20 hr 

Total pieces : 348 pcs