Porosity Code

A Physical Time-measuring Instrument

By Rosalie Lin

Advisor: Babara Schmidt

Water triggers the pattern on it as time passing by.

The porosity of the ceramic enables water to be soaked or released while different thicknesses of the pattern emphasize the interaction between water and ceramic in a more visible way.


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In order to emphasize the interaction between ceramic and water, different levels of thicknesses are applied on the surface.


Due to different thicknesses, the abilities of soaking water vary. The contrast of pattern is triggered while the water be soaked into the ceramic. It takes longer for water to pass through the thicker part. The pattern is always changing until the water spreads through all the pores in the ceramic.

Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 4.21.21 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-08-14 at 4.21.41 AM.png

Sand Blasting

It‘s harder to manage it because the stencil is easily falling off  from the round shape. After trying out many times, the double layers show its strength to resist the power of sand blasting.


I feel very grateful to be supported by Beuth Hochschule in Berlin when the machine in our school was broken during the time.


Glazing, to make some part of the surface be sealed. Water can only pass through those unglazed part, which triggers the appearance of the pattern.

At first, I try to pour water as former experiences, but the effect of water coming out is not visible. To emphasize the effect, I try to pour something that contains pigment. The effect shown here is the result of coffee remained in the cup for more than one day.